I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Looking for a romantic spot to share a sweet treat with your sweet? We have you covered!  Check out our favorite romantic spots for ice cream!


X Crem makes ice cream sexy. X Crem is Austin’s only ice cream and dessert cocktail speakeasy. X Crem scoops up boozy milkshakes, sinfully delicious cones, and decadent cocktails. The atmosphere at X Crem screams romance with it’s lounge seating, 


The Yard Milkshake Bar serves up milkshakes that are more than just a shake, they are an experience. The milkshakes are topped with slices of cake, pie, donuts, brownies, cereal, candy, and more. These shakes are so decadent that they are practically designed to be shared. What’s more romantic than one shake with two straws.


The Museum of Ice Cream is an ice cream lover’s dream. So grab your lover and head to the Museum of Ice Cream. The exhibits are interactive and you will be sure to leave with some perfect Instagram pictures. After having fun in the ice cream inspired exhibits, don’t forget to get some delicious ice cream to finish off your visit.


Whether you are looking for an adult ice cream experience, sharable shakes, or an interactive experience that lets you dive into a pool of sprinkles, Austin’s ice cream scene is not to be missed.


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