What makes it fun

The Wizard's Guest Cottage offers a luxurious stay on a magical campus. The Wizard's Guest Cottage is a perfect place for a romantic getaway on a campus full of nature's beauty, breathtaking architecture, and awe-inspiring art. The Wizard's Guest Cottage is within walking distance of a number of attractions including Chapel Dulcinea, Tuscan Hall, and the Crowded Barrel Whiskey Distillery.

A deeper dive

Perched on a plateau 900 feet above downtown Austin... The Wizard's Guest Cottage is on the 21-acre campus of Wizard Academy, home of:

1. The Wizard's Tower, overlooking Downtown Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

2. Chapel Dulcinea, the world-famous free wedding chapel, hosting 1,100 weddings each year.

3. The Crowded Barrel, the world's first crowd-sourced whiskey distillery,

4. The Fang and Feather Whiskey Tasting Room, home of YouTube's #1 whiskey review channel, The Whiskey Tribe.

5. Tuscan Gardens and Tuscan Hall, a special events venue surrounded by a spectacular private garden complete with waterfall, a reflecting pool, an Italian Marble gazebo, multiple garden follies and photo-worthy statuary.

6. The Enchanted Emporium, also known as The Welcome Center with plenty of seating inside and out, is happily stocked with beer and wine and soft drinks.

The Wizard's Guest Cottage faces eastward toward Tuscan Gardens and is exactly 50 feet south of the Crowded Barrel Distillery. Rental of the Wizard's Guest Cottage does not guarantee you entry into The Wizard's Tower or the Crowded Barrel Distillery, but private tours have been known to happen for those lucky enough to bump into one of the right people at just the right time.

But you will definitely get:

1. Two luxurious Bedrooms

2. An impressive Living Room

3. A stunning Styling Salon, (bring your own supplies)

4. A kitchenette complete with wine glasses, plates, eating utensils, etc.

5. BUT... this is not a kitchen for cooking.

6. The good news is you are a very short drive from Austin's famous Salt Lick Barbecue

7. and several other places that offer inside dining and outstanding carry-out.

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